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Young Woman Wearing Glasses Covers Her Mouth With Both Hands To Hide Her Sore Gums

How Does Perio Protect Work?

Gum disease is very common. Thankfully, it’s treatable! Depending on the stage, it might be a matter of improving your oral hygiene at home and keeping up with regular professional cleanings. If it’s more serious, further treatment like Perio Protect might be necessary. Read our blog post to learn how it works.
Senior Couple Sitting On A Bench Hug And Smile After Learning About Dental Bridges

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a standard process to replace missing teeth. Dental bridges use nearby teeth as an anchor and use crowns to “bridge” the gap between teeth. Dental bridges can be permanent or removable, depending on your needs. Read our blog post to learn all about dental bridges.
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