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Same-Day Emergency Dental Appointments

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Some dental concerns, such as tender gums or a chipped tooth, are urgent but don’t require immediate treatment. In contrast, situations like knocked-out teeth and severe tooth pain require same-day emergency appointments. But not every dental office accepts same-day emergency visits, so it’s important to check with your primary dental care provider to ensure that walk-in appointments are acceptable in emergency situations.

Unbearable Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can be uniquely debilitating. If you are experiencing an agonizing toothache, schedule a same-day emergency appointment at CarolinasDentist. Our office will be able to provide you with effective pain management, which will ease the discomfort and make you feel much better. We will also check to determine the cause of your pain, such as an infection that can result in an abscess (or pocket or pus). If so, we will need to treat the infection promptly, as there can be serious consequences otherwise. Severe tooth pain can also be from an untreated cavity, an exposed nerve, a damaged tooth, or compromised restoration. These also need to be taken care of quickly.

If a tooth has been causing you trouble but you are able to go about your normal routine without giving it too much thought, it’s likely that you will not need to make a same-day emergency appointment. However, tooth pain or sensitivity of any kind should be discussed with your dentist in the near future to determine the right treatment! Routine checkups with your dentist and professional cleanings can help prevent the need for emergency visits.

Knocked-Out Adult Tooth

If a tooth comes completely loose from its socket, time is of the essence to reattach the tooth before it dies. Once you locate the tooth, gently handle it only by its chewing surface. Clean it off with milk or water (but avoid rubbing it with a cloth or towel) before either placing it back in its socket or in a cup of milk or saliva. Get to our office as quickly as you can to have the best chance of saving the tooth. Our team will do our best to relieve any pain or discomfort and reattach the tooth as quickly as possible.

Call Your Closest CarolinasDentist Location ASAP!

Have a question or concern for our team? Please contact us! While our virtual contact form is convenient for routine and/or non-urgent questions, patients should always contact our office by phone during a dental emergency. Find the phone number for your closest office location here.

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