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Items You Need In Your Dental Emergency Kit

Illustration of a tooth driving an ambulance to give help during a dental emergency

Teeth are strong and can withstand significant impact during many kinds of activities. However, there are certain situations that come with a high risk of ending in dental emergency. These can include eating popcorn and hard candy, playing sports without a mouthguard, grinding your teeth, and more. Aside from taking preventive steps, you can prepare for these incidents by putting together a dental emergency kit. Here are some ideas on what to include:

  1. Gloves
  2. A dental emergency can feel nerve-wracking. It’s natural to want to do everything as soon as possible. However, try to hold off from touching your mouth, teeth, and other affected areas until you’ve washed your hands and put on clean disposable gloves.

  3. Non-Woven Sterile Gauze
  4. Gauze is a helpful aid during medical emergencies. You can use gauze to apply gentle pressure to a mouth injury, which will absorb body fluids and control bleeding. Opt for non-woven gauze, which is non-linting.

  5. Salt & Bottled Water
  6. Mixing ½ teaspoon of table salt with a cup of water makes a simple mouth rinse that can help soothe ulcers, provide pain relief, reduce inflammation, and prevent infection.

  7. Dental Mirror & Floss
  8. A dental mirror can help you see all areas of your mouth. This can be helpful if you feel a rough or sharp area in your mouth or need to use dental floss to removed food that is wedged between your teeth.

  9. Dental Wax
  10. If someone in your home wears braces, dental wax can prevent soft tissue irritation and help stabilize damaged areas until your dental provider can take a look.

Emergency Dental Care at CarolinasDentist

While these items can help you find temporary relief, we recommend seeking professional emergency dental care as soon as possible if you experience a dental emergency. Please contact your closest CarolinasDentist location to schedule an urgent appointment!

Image from Authority Dental under CC 2.0

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