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Signs Your Child Needs Emergency Dental Care

A tooth drives an ambulance for a blog post about dental emergencies

Image from Authority Dental under CC 2.0

Any type of medical emergency can feel stressful and scary, especially when your child’s health is involved. In today’s blog post, we give an overview of what a dental emergency can look like so you’ll know when your child needs urgent treatment.

  1. Pain
  2. Pain is your body’s way of warning you that something is wrong. A severe toothache could signify something like decay, a chipped or broken tooth, or an infection. Let us know if you child experiences any pain in their teeth, gums, tongue, jaw, or cheeks.

  3. Loose Teeth
  4. Loose permanent teeth is something you should never ignore. Teeth should be anchored securely in the jawbone by the gums and supporting ligaments. These structures could be infected or damaged if teeth are wiggly. Your child’s permanent teeth are precious because they only get one set. Contact us immediately to preserve your child’s smile!

  5. Color Change
  6. If your child’s teeth fade to a gray or black, they may have a dying tooth. A tooth’s inner layer, called the pulp, is composed of blood vessels, nerves, and other soft tissues. Trauma to the mouth, gum disease, and tooth decay can make this sensitive bundle vulnerable to infection and damage. Let us know so we can evaluate their tooth!

  7. Bleeding & Swollen Gums
  8. Bleeding gums usually indicate the beginning of gum disease caused by poor oral hygiene. If your child doesn’t brush and floss their teeth every day, bacteria builds up along their teeth. These bacteria produce toxins that irritate the gums. Bleeding, swollen, and tender gums need improved oral hygiene and a professional dental cleaning!

  9. Broken, Chipped, or Knocked-Out Tooth
  10. Call us as soon as possible if your child receives trauma to their teeth resulting in a chipped, broken, or knocked-out permanent tooth! Emergency treatment can save your child’s teeth.

Emergency Dental Care at CarolinasDental

CarolinasDentist is ready when it comes to your dental healthcare needs with our family dentistry and children’s dentistry services. At each of our locations, the health of our patients is our highest priority! So whether you need routine care or same-day emergency care for a dental disaster, we can help make the process less intimidating.

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