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Do General Dentists Treat Kids?

A mom and dad give piggy back rides to their two children outside CarolinasDentist, your local children's dentist

Family dentists and pediatric dentists are both required to complete an undergraduate degree and their dental degree to practice dentistry. Upon graduating from dental school, some dentists choose to join a dental practice right away or open their own, while others spend a few extra years specializing in a certain area within dentistry. Pediatric dentists typically have to complete two or more additional years of postgraduate education to become certified in pediatric dentistry.

How to Know If a General Dentist Accepts Children

When it comes to treating children, any dental professional who has completed their dental doctorate is qualified to work with children. However, some dentists or dental offices prefer working with older children or only adults. And some general dentists limit their practice to only children! They will often make this clear on their website or you can contact them directly to confirm the age range they accept. If they list information on their site about family dentistry or children’s dentistry, their office at least sees school-age children, though many welcome children beginning at their first birthday.

General vs. Pediatric Dentist

When choosing between a general dentist or a pediatric dentist for your children, your decision will likely depend on your child’s oral healthcare needs and your unique family situation. If convenience is a high priority for you, keeping your entire family’s dental treatments under one roof may be a better option than seeing a general dentist and a pediatric dentist. CarolinasDentist offers a variety of children’s dental services, including dental sealants, fluoride treatments, orthodontic evaluations, and professional teeth cleanings and exams.

While pediatric dental offices are sure to have child-centered amenities, many dental offices offer comfortable amenities that patients of all ages can enjoy. For example, our CarolinasDentist offices have warm blankets, complimentary refreshments, and noise-canceling headphones that can be helpful for a variety of ages.

Family Dentistry at CarolinasDentist

Do you need to schedule an appointment for yourself or your child? Contact one of our locations today! We’d love to welcome your family into our CarolinasDentist family.

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