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Dental Insurance Benefits: Everything You Need to Know

Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance is sure to cover all expenses for certain aspects of your dental experiences throughout your entire life. You shouldn’t have to compromise the health of your pearly whites because of lack of coverage when you walk through our doors.

Begin coverage with us as part of the Carolina Care Plan and continue receiving high-quality dental care for years to come.

Is Dental Insurance Better Than a Dental Plan?

Many insurance plans will cover 100% of the costs for 2 yearly visits that include cleanings, X-rays, and will also lower the cost for any fillings, extractions, crowns, etc. that you may need. Of course, the main advantage is only having to pay for small fee with every visit but you do have to finance an annual fee that will incur about $750-1000 respectively.

The advantage is really determined by what you would need it for; a dental plan is designed for reacting to risks that may come up. An insurance policy is to cover your costs for some aspects, but not all.

What Does Full-Coverage Dental Insurance Cover Exactly?

The term full coverage can mean different things to different people. For most people, full coverage means that your cleanings, imaging, and general checkups will completely covered. Depending on your current and future dental needs, you’ll have to take that into consideration before acquiring a policy.

Choosing the right plan for you depends on several factors including if anyone else will also be covered, if you need orthodontic care, and more. Regardless of what you decide, you should still have plenty of access to numerous dental offices near you.

What Happens If My Dental Insurance Expires?

Most insurance companies have a benefit deadline until the end of the calendar year. If you signed up for your policy in the earlier months, you may have a chance to receive one more appointment before the coverage expires in the new year.

If you have some time before the expiration of your dental benefits, talk to your doctor and make sure that any absolutely necessary procedures can be scheduled before that time.


Our offices accept various insurance plans and we also provide financial options for anyone that needs services but is on a tight budget. Are you looking for an incredible dentist office that not only provide expert services, but also offers a dental plan? CarolinasDentist is the place for you.

If you have any more questions or concerns about our services, please contact us at the location nearest you.

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