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Why Are My Teeth Sensitive to Cold?

A tooth shivers as an ice cube laughs at it because it is sensitive to cold

Does biting into ice cream or drinking a cold beverage cause you tooth pain? Enamel is the outer protective tooth layer. Though it is the hardest substance in the body, poor oral habits can result in weak enamel that makes your teeth more sensitive to cold, hot, and pressure. Here are several different things that can affect your tooth enamel:

Brushing Too Hard

Did you know brushing your teeth aggressively can weaken your enamel? This exposes the underlying dentin layer connected to your tooth’s nerve endings. Brushing too hard can also provoke gum recession that exposes the tooth root, which houses the tooth’s nerve.

Teeth Grinding

Grinding and clenching your teeth at night or during the day gradually wears down your tooth enamel and can make small cracks and breaks in your teeth.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is characterized by gum inflammation, recession, and infection. The sensitive portions of the teeth become more exposed as the gums pull away from the teeth.

Whitening Products

Tooth sensitivity can be a temporary side effect of teeth whitening due to the powerful chemicals. DIY whitening can actually wear down your enamel so invest in professional whitening at the dentist to reduce your risk of sensitivity and damage.


Enamel that has become permanently damaged by decay results in a tiny hole, called a cavity, that can cause tooth pain. Your tooth can become infected if this cavity remains untreated. Soon your mild tooth sensitivity can progress into a severe toothache!

Treating Tooth Sensitivity at Carolinas Dentist

Tooth sensitivity can often be relieved with a balanced diet, improved oral hygiene, and brushing with an anti-sensitivity toothpaste. If your sensitivity is not improving even with improved oral habits, our team can help. Please reach out to one of our CarolinasDentist locations. We offer periodontal therapy and restorative dentistry that can help you find relief!

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