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Mouth-Healthy Habits to Start in the New Year

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Do you want to improve your dental health this year? There are many healthy habits you can start on today! Here are our top five recommendations:

  1. Brush for 2 Minutes Each Time
  2. You may brush your teeth twice every day, but are you brushing long enough? We recommend brushing your teeth for two minutes each time, which is 30 seconds for each quadrant of your mouth. Invest in an electric toothbrush that has a built-in timer or set a timer on your phone to be sure you brush long enough with your manual brush. (We also recommend brushing your tongue at the end of each brushing session.)

  3. Floss Every Day
  4. While you may think brushing is good enough, brushing can’t reach the spaces between your teeth and under your gums. Flossing cleans away plaque and food particles in these areas, which is critical for preventing gum disease. If you regularly skip flossing, try to make flossing a daily habit this year.

  5. Drink More Water
  6. Drinking enough water is beneficial for both your dental health and your overall health. Water helps prevent bad breath, dry mouth, and the buildup of plaque and tartar by washing food debris off your teeth and allowing for the production of saliva. Staying hydrated will also improve your energy level, mental focus, and digestion.

  7. Eat a Balanced Diet
  8. Fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and lean meats contain mouth-healthy vitamins and minerals like calcium, potassium, vitamin D, and more. This year, take a look at your diet and see how you can make it healthier for your teeth. If you eat or drink a lot of sugar, this is a good year to cut back and consume more healthful meals, beverages, and snacks.

  9. Schedule Routine Visits to CarolinasDentist!
  10. Most patients need a dental cleaning and exam every six months. During these appointments, we remove plaque and tartar, check for problems like cavities and gum disease, and perform oral cancer screenings. Remember to schedule two cleanings and exams this year!

    We’re proud to offer comprehensive dental services, including preventive dentistry, restorative dentistry, cosmetic treatments, emergency care, and more at our many locations across North Carolina. Please contact us today with questions or to schedule your appointment.

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