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Improve Your Gum Health with PerioProtect

closeup of a woman's mouth after PerioProtect has treated her gum disease at CarolinasDentist

Do you only think of your teeth when we say “dental health”? It is important not to forget that your gums are equally as important when it comes to caring for your oral health! To learn more about your gum health and how to improve it, keep reading.

Understanding Gum Disease

Gum disease begins as irritated gums that look swollen, feel tender, and are prone to bleeding. This is called gingivitis. Untreated gum disease can advance to periodontitis, which is characterized by infection and loss of your gum tissue. It can result in pain, changes in your gumline, bad breath, tooth decay, and tooth loss. Gum disease may also contribute to issues like heart disease, diabetes, respiratory illness, and dementia.

Benefits of PerioProtect

With PerioProtect, you can confront gum disease head-on. Using custom trays, PerioProtect delivers prescribed gum disease medication in a precise and effective manner. For your comfort, it is a take-home treatment.

The process starts with a consultation, during which we will take impressions of your mouth to send to a lab. This is where your custom trays will be made. Once your trays are ready, you’ll come get them with your medication and we’ll give you instructions on how to properly use them.

PerioProtect is a noninvasive treatment that can reduce your need for more advanced treatment like scaling and root planing, and even surgery. Even if surgery is needed, PerioProtect can be a great companion product that will accelerate your healing and recovery by fighting off infection-causing bacteria.

Preventive Care in North Carolina

Here at CarolinasDentist, we emphasize preventive care to each and every one of our patients to save you time, money, and unnecessary pain. To schedule a cleaning and exam at one of our locations, please contact us today.

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