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How to Know You Have Gum Disease

Illustration of a Black woman touching her cheek next to floating question marks wondering if she has gum disease

It can be tricky to accurately self-diagnose yourself using information you find on the internet, regardless of what kind of medical condition we’re talking about. But in the case of many dental issues, it’s helpful to know about abnormal signs in the mouth to watch out for so you can schedule a checkup with your dentist as soon as possible if you start to notice anything suspicious. The earlier you get diagnosed, the earlier you can get treatment and personalized tips on improving your oral health habits at home.

Here are some possible warning signs that you have gum disease and need a dental checkup sooner rather than later:

  1. Bleeding Gums
  2. Do your gums bleed when you brush or floss your teeth? That shouldn’t happen with healthy gums. A little bit of blood could mean that there’s bacteria irritating the gumline. Take better care of your gum health by daily flossing and brushing. If the bleeding doesn’t lessen, your gums could be infected.

  3. Sensitive & Painful Gums
  4. Gums that feel tender and sensitive are irritated. You shouldn’t notice sensations like that with healthy gums. Try brushing, gently flossing, and rinsing to remove any stuck food. It’s something to pay attention to and ask your dentist about if the pain doesn’t dissipate in a few days or if it gets worse.

  5. Persistent Bad Breath
  6. While you can get temporary bad breath from eating seafood or a particularly garlicky dish, gum disease causes perpetual bad breath. Bad breath from gum disease can last for weeks, regardless of what you eat or how many pieces of gum you chew.

Periodontal Therapy at CarolinasDentist

Are you experiencing any of these warning signs? Please contact your nearest CarolinasDentist office so our team can take a look at your gums and give you a proper diagnosis. We will determine whether you need to make improvements to your at-home oral habits and/or if you’d benefit from our in-office periodontal care, such as a deep cleaning or laser gum therapy. Please contact us today to set up your visit!

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