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Do Veneers Require Oral Surgery?

Closeup image of a veneer being bonded to the front of a tooth to improve its appearance

Veneers are a permanent and versatile cosmetic dental treatment that can fix several different things about the appearance of your teeth. They are thin shells of porcelain that are placed over the front surface of the teeth to improve their appearance. Dental veneers can correct discoloration, chipped or worn teeth, small gaps, misshapen teeth, and more. They can elongate teeth and make your smile more uniform. As a bonus, they stay permanently white since they are stain-resistant!

The Dental Veneers Process

While dental veneers don’t require oral surgery, they do require a thin layer of enamel to be removed. The removal of the enamel allows for the veneers to fit seamlessly.

It is typically during the first appointment when one of our experienced dentists will remove a tiny amount of enamel off your teeth. After the removal, impressions are taken to create your custom dental veneers. When your final veneers are finished, they can be bonded to your teeth.

It is possible to receive a veneer over one tooth, a few teeth, or many teeth. We will help you decide how to make your smile look natural and beautiful!

Caring for Veneers

Dental veneers can last 10 years or longer with proper care! Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time, floss every day, wear a mouthguard when playing sports, wear a nightguard if you grind your teeth, avoid tobacco products, do not open packaging with your teeth or chew ice, and visit CarolinasDentist for routine checkups and professional cleanings.

Cosmetic Dentistry in North Carolina

Would you like to learn more? At CarolinasDentist, we offer various cosmetic dentistry services, including veneers, that can help you feel confident in your smile. Please contact your nearest office location to schedule your cosmetic consultation!

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