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CarolinasDentist Supporting Smile Direct Club Patients

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Stumbled upon us while figuring out what to do after Smile Direct Club shut its doors? First off, we’re really sorry you’re in this spot. It’s super frustrating, not to mention a bit scary, to be left hanging about your dental health. But, at CarolinasDentist, you’ve got us, and we’re here to help you through this.

Individualized Care

Looking for an orthodontist? Just give our office a call. We’ll check out your smile, do a thorough exam, and even throw in some X-rays. This isn’t just about how your smile looks; we’re diving deep into the health of your teeth and jaw – the stuff you can’t see. Armed with these insights, we’ll figure out the best way to get your treatment back on track.

Continuing Clear Aligner Therapy

Big news – we offer Invisalign! It’s our way of giving you professional and personalized clear aligners that really fit your smile. We’ll take impressions to nail it the first time. Once fitted, we’re with you every step of the way, cheering you on and supporting you through the entire journey.

Look, we get it. At-home aligners are tempting – they’re affordable and seem convenient. No judgment here! We totally understand why you might have gone that route. Now, we’re all about working together to achieve those smile goals of yours. We’re here to help fix any issues from your previous treatment or from Smile Direct Club’s closure.

We’re Helping Those Affected by Smile Direct Club’s Closure in North Carolina!

Caught up in the Smile Direct Club closure? We’ve got something special for you. Until February 29th, 2024, we’re knocking off $2,024 on comprehensive dental care at any of our locations. It’s our way of lending a hand.

Ready to get your smile journey back on track? Give us a call for more info and let’s get started!

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