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Diseases That Can Cause Tooth Decay

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Did you know that oral health is closely linked with overall health? If you have an underlying health issue, it may affect your smile. Likewise, an existing dental issue can affect your total-body health. Here are some common diseases that can increase your risk of tooth decay.

Autoimmune Disorders

With autoimmune disorders, the body is fighting itself which can cause issues throughout the body, including the mouth. Tooth decay, decreased saliva production, and off-balance pH levels in the oral cavity can be side effects of many autoimmune disorders.


Diabetes is the body’s inability to produce or properly use insulin. In turn, this affects how your body breaks down food and turns it into energy. A common effect of diabetes is dry mouth. When the mouth isn’t creating as much saliva as it needs, bacteria will start to run rampant. They accumulate and produce toxins that irritate and damage the teeth and gums. Over time, untreated dry mouth can cause severe tooth decay.

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia can have a negative impact on teeth. With both eating disorders, the body is deprived of necessary vitamins and nutrients that are essential for healthy teeth and gums. Bulimia, characterized by binge eating and then regurgitating food, dramatically and frequently increases acidity levels in the mouth. The acid eats away at teeth over time.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Pregnancy hormones can cause extreme nausea and vomiting. This chronic condition can cause dehydration and decreased saliva production, malnutrition, and enamel erosion. If you currently struggle with this, try swishing baking soda and water after vomiting to neutralize the acid and protect your teeth from damage.

Protect Your Smile at CarolinasDentist!

Our team is passionate about taking care of our community’s smiles. We understand the close link between your tooth health and overall health and make treatment decisions that will benefit your entire well-being! We do an extensive health questionnaire to get a complete overview of your health before starting any treatments.

If you have a disease or disorder that is harming your oral health, we can help. We offer comprehensive dental care, including emergency dentistry and family dental care. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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