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Dental Milestones for Your Child

Closeup of a young baby smiling with her bottom baby teeth

Kids go through many growth milestones when they’re young. As a tired parent juggling many responsibilities, some days it feels like time passes very slowly. And then other times, it seems like you blink and your child looks so much older and bigger than before! These moments make you wish time would slow down again.

In regard to your child’s dental development, these are some milestones you can expect!

First Tooth: 6 months to 1 year old

While many children get their first baby tooth when they’re around 6 months old, kids can get their first baby tooth earlier or later. As soon as that first tooth erupts or by their first birthday, it’s time to visit a children’s dentist like CarolinasDentist! Even if your child doesn’t have their first tooth by age 1, we invite you to still come visit us.

Full Set of 20 Baby Teeth: 3 years old

By 3 years old, your child should have a full set of 20 baby teeth: 4 central incisors, 4 lateral incisors, 4 canines,  and 8 molars. But you can help them establish good oral care habits long before this time! These baby teeth affect the health of their underlying adult teeth and help a child learn to speak and eat.

As soon as any teeth emerge, brush them every day with a child toothbrush and child-friendly toothpaste. Floss between their teeth every day too. Doing so from a young age helps them become familiar and comfortable with routine oral hygiene!

Baby Teeth Start Falling Out: 6 years old

Most children start losing their baby teeth around 6 years old. This process lasts a few years so your child will have a mix of baby and adult teeth for a while.

Your child may be able to start brushing their teeth independently with supervision around this time. Keep up with their regular dental appointments so any problems are caught early. You don’t want your child getting cavities and losing their baby teeth before they’re ready!

Full Set of 28 Adult Teeth: 13 years old

By age 12 or 13, you child should have 28 adult teeth: 4 central incisors, 4 lateral incisors, 4 canines,  8 premolars, and 8 molars. They may still have 1-4 extra molars, called wisdom teeth, that will emerge between age 17-26.

They can maintain great oral health by brushing flossing every day; drinking plenty of water; consuming a balanced diet; and visiting our office for routine professional cleanings. If your child plays sports, they should protect their teeth with a sports mouthguard. Orthodontic treatments like braces or Invisalign® can correct misaligned teeth and improve their confidence.

Children’s Dentistry at CarolinasDentist

We’re proud to serve patients of all ages, including kids, at our many office locations. Keep in mind that children can reach their dental milestones earlier or later than the ages given here and still experience excellent oral health! If you have any concerns about your child’s dental development or questions about our services, please contact us today!

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