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Should My Teen Get Their Wisdom Teeth Removed Before College?

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Whether your teenager is moving to another state for college or planning to attend a local school, it’s beneficial to remove problematic wisdom teeth before they start their first semester.

Prevent Unnecessary Pain & Stress to Aid Success

The emergence of wisdom teeth, or the third molars, typically occurs during the late teens to early twenties. Wisdom teeth that get stuck below the gums, only partially emerge, or grow in crooked can cause your teen pain that negatively impacts their college experience. They can become distracted from their coursework, experience disrupted sleep and excessive stress and anxiety, and be unable to attend social activities. By addressing wisdom teeth before your teen leaves for college, you’ll spare them this unnecessary stress so they can focus on their studies and better enjoy their college experience.

Reduce Their Risk of Oral Health Issues

Wisdom teeth often lack sufficient space to erupt properly. They can become impacted or run into adjacent teeth, increasing your teen’s risk of overcrowding, dental disease, infection, cysts, and tooth damage. Removing these teeth prevents potential oral health problems that may be difficult for your teen to address during their busy school schedule when they’re away from home.

More Comfortable Recovery

Recovering from wisdom tooth extraction requires time and proper care. Scheduling wisdom teeth removal when your child isn’t in school allows them to rest and recover in the comfort of your home without the added pressures of academic responsibilities. Parental support during your teen’s recovery period will not only help them feel more comfortable, you can also help reduce their risk of infection and complications.

Wisdom Teeth Removal at CarolinasDentist

If college is on the horizon for your teen, don’t overlook the significance of dealing with their wisdom teeth now. Spare your teen from the unnecessary pain and stress that can be associated with wisdom teeth! Contact us today to schedule a consultation at your nearest CarolinasDentist office.

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